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Obsidian Phantom

Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Rich and indulgent peanut butter milk stout that is sure to please those sweet stout and porter lovers.

5.5% ABV


Cruise Control

New England Session Pale

Session New England IPA made with punchy American hops for a seriously fruity aroma and flavour.

4.4% ABV


Insatiable Circumstance

Caramel Latte Porter

You can't get much more insatiable than the sultry flavours of coffee, caramel and cream combined with each other to send your tastebuds into circumstantial overload. This is a truly decadent porter that will be sure to please those hot morning drink lovers.

5.1% ABV


Shoot To Thrill

Southern Hemisphere IPA

Australia and New Zealand are amongst the smallest hop growing regions on the planet, yet the hops they produce are the most sought after. You're in for a real treat with this beer as the 'all star' line-up consists of 15 grams of Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin & Motueka hops per litre of beverage. This one will be sure to thrill your tastebuds until the very last drop.

6% ABV


Distorting Horizons

Tropical IPA

Take a kaleidoscopic walk on the 'Wilde side' with this super fruity tropical IPA.

A ton of Cascade, Citra and El Dorado hops combined with a decent hit of real fruit juice will make you feel like you've been smacked over the head with a fruit salad bowl and possibly bend your mind.

5.9% ABV


Plausibly Undeniable

Citra & Galaxy DDH DIPA

Another 'juicy banger' makes its way into the Wilde Child portfolio. This time we've gone for an oat heavy grain bill for a super smooth mouthfeel, a medium bitterness (because they don't all need to taste like fruit juice) and 22 grams per litre of beverage of two of the worlds most sought after hops ... Citra & Galaxy - and that's 'Plausibly Undeniable'.

8% ABV


Popular Hypothesis

German Pilsner

Some people may hypothesise that lager is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Off course, that's subjective depending on who you ask.

All we know is that this German style pilsner is brewed true to style with an age old lager yeast, German noble hops and pilsner malt.

It's one of our personal favourites and it's certainly a fridge filler.

4.4% ABV


Impostor Infiltrator

American Pale Ale

Initially brewed for Leeds Beer Week 2018 in collaboration with various local bars, we had a pleasant surprise when a local bar manager turned up unannounced ... the name 'Impostor Infiltrator' was born that July morning.

Generous doses of Amarillo & Ekuanot hops equal one delectably fruity beverage that you'll come back to time and again.

4.2% ABV


Chasing Epiphany

Citra & Mosaic Session Pale

Oats make up 15% of the grain bill in this beer, which promises to be velvety smooth and super drinkable. All that topped up with the freshest crop of Citra and Mosaic hops create a very juicy beverage that you could quite easily stick to all day.

4.8% ABV


Enfant Terrible

Milkshake Table Beer

A hefty amount of Citra, Simcoe and El Dorado hops cooked up with a healthy serving of lactose will have even the most avant-garde individual pondering over what they've just consumed.

Here's to going against the grain, anti-conformism and being an outright 'Terrible Child'.

3.1% ABV


Enduring Libation

Centennial & Citra Pale Ale

Enduring = Long Lasting / Timeless. Libation = Beverage / Drink. Two of the world's most recognisable hops have gone into this one for a match made in heaven. Tropical fruits on the nose and citrus fruits on the palate, combined with a healthy bitterness and solid malt backbone, will have you coming back time and again.

4.4% ABV


Slippery Customer

Raspberry and Lemon Sour

Don't let the slippery customer fool you with his fruity facade. This beer contains real fruit but will leave you sucker punched like a penny sweet shop sour candy and possibly turn your face inside out.

5.5% ABV


Opaque Reality

Mango And Passionfruit Milkshake Ipa

So, you're one of these people that's stuck in your own bubble and fail to see past the end of your own nose? Well get stuck into this juice bomb of an IPA with bags of Galaxy and Citra hops, a decent hit of natural fruit flavouring and lactose for a creamy mouthfeel. This hazy reality is better than you thought, eh?

5.9% ABV


Siege Of Khartoum

Peanut Butter And Banana Porter

Not many people know this but peanut butter was originally patented in 1884, right around the time the 'Siege of Khartoum' was taking place. We suppose you're not really bothered about either of those facts and all you want to do is indulge in this rich and creamy porter. Dark malts combined with a healthy dose of lactose & natural peanut butter and banana flavourings will ensure you take siege of your senses.

6.5% ABV


Doughp Fiend

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Porter

We've got another porter for all you dark beer lovers out there. This one is doughp as hell. An array of darker and biscuit malts combined with a healthy dose of lactose, for that ice cream vibe, and a natural cookie dough flavouring will have you feeling like a true fiend.

5.5% ABV


Brownie Huntress

Export Chocolate Fudge Brownie Stout

We're proud to bring you the next installment in the 'Brownie Hunter Series'. This export strength stout has even more mouthfeel and flavour than its lower percentage counterpart. Chocolate fudge brownie on the nose and hitting you hard on the palate until the very last drop will be sure to please you sweet treat lovers.

7.4% ABV


Absolute Impeachment

Peach Milkshake IPA

We’ve dumped a tonne of natural peach flavouring and dry hopped with a load of Calypso hops for that ‘amped up’ stone fruit vibe. Don’t forget the 40kg of lactose for that super creamy mouthfeel which will be sure to keep that ‘summer feeling’ carrying on throughout the year. Think peach melba yoghurt in a can.

5% ABV


El Loco

Limited Edition Champions DIPA

We're tipping our hats to the man, the legend ... Marcelo Bielsa. After 16 painful year's he's managed to take Leeds back into the Premier League and we thought it would be fitting to name a beer in honour of him.

We also pay respect to the 2019/20 top goal scorer of the team; Patrick Bamford - who dons the number 9 shirt - hence the ABV of this beer. A whopping 22 grams of Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy & Citra hops per litre of beverage will ensure we're all 'Marching on together'.

9% ABV


Marching On Together

Limited Edition ALAW IPA

We're back with another SUPER LIMITED EDITION beer to celebrate our wonderful teams return to the premier league.

This time we tip our hats to the whole 2019/20 centenary team that made this wonderful experience possible ... and for lifting all our spirits on the back of what has been a tough year for all. An 'all star' team deserves a hop bill like this ... 16 grams of Nelson Sauvin, Citra & Simcoe hops per litre of beer ... All Leeds Aren't We.

6% ABV


Hot Fuzz

Raspberry Cream Doughnut Pale

So, you like your sweet treats but don't want to be seen as the stereotypical doughnut munching cop procrastinating the day away, rather than catching the bad guys. This beer is brewed using aromatic biscuit malt, lactose and raspberry concentrate to ensure you're seen as a good cop ...not a bad cop.

5.6% ABV


Righteous Indignation

New England IPA

The hops that were maliciously thrown into this hop beast of an IPA are about to declare ‘Righteous Indignation’ on you by totally destroying your palate. Amarillo and Mosaic are the stars of the show here …need we say anymore? However, what we can say is that this is Wilde Child’s hoppiest yet.

7.4% ABV

Mail-Chimp-Over-Indulgence (1)

Over Indulgence

Irish Cream Milkshake Stout

Tis the season to be merry and down right excessive. We've gone for a classic milk stout recipe and blended it with a tried and tested natural flavouring that will have you believe you're drinking a stout with a shot of Irish cream dumped in.

Certainly a beer you'll want to over indulge in on those colder nights.

5% ABV


Yuletide Exorbitance

Figgy Pudding Imperial Brown Ale

We've gone all out to produce this big hitting winter ale. Belgian candi sugar, figs, sultanas and orange peel combined with an array of darker malts and fermented on a Belgian Abbaye strain of yeast will certainly ensure you're living that exorbitant lifestyle.

11% ABV


Uncontrollable Occurrence

Amarillo & Vic Secret DDH Pale

This one will certainly deliver an uncontrollable occurrence on your tastebuds. A beautifully smooth and sessionable pale with 16% of the grain bill being made up of oats and a whopping 15 grams per litre of beverage of Amarillo & Vic Secret hops.

4.8% ABV


Oceanic Acquisition

Australian DDH DIPA

This beer has been produced in collaboration with Brewgooder as part of their 2020 global campaign. It contains 20 grams of Vic Secret and Galaxy per litre of beer for a truly juicy beverage.

8.2% ABV


Drenched In Dankness

Mosaic & Azacca DDH DIPA

'Dank' is a term we use in the brewing industry to describe strong and murky IPA's that predominantly have funky and tropical flavours in abundance. Mosaic is the star of the show here; a hop that will certainly help this beer live up to that description. Add to that a touch of Azacca to help balance it all out and you're left with 21 grams of these delightful hops per litre of beverage and one super juicy drink.

8% ABV


A-1 Nut Boy

Honey and Almond Porter

'You're an A-1 nut boy and Grissom knows it.’ This one is sure to have you dark beer lovers running around like you've danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. An array of darker malts combined with a bucket load of honey and crushed almonds equal one delectable winter offering.

6.2% ABV


Gimme S'more

Toasted Marshmallow & Chocolate Biscuit Porter

We've got another sweet milk stout for y'all. This time the amalgamation of marshmallow flavouring, cocoa powder, biscuit malt and lactose will have you reminiscing of those sweet treats that we all like to indulge in occasionally and have you saying ... Gimme S'more.

5.3% ABV


Beast Master

Salted Caramel & Cacao Nib Imperial Stout

Have you got what it takes to tame this brute of an imperial stout? We've thrown in enough salted caramel and 'big boy' malts to sink a battle ship and fermented it all with a Nottingham strain of yeast, and because we love you all, we've conditioned it on a ton of cacao nibs for good measure.

No longer does the beast strike fear into your heart... for today, you are the 'Beast Master'.

10% ABV




The pursuit of pleasure is something we as human beings do best. Find ultimate pleasure in this creamy chocolate ganache stout while making your senses think all their Birthdays have come at once. For tonight, you live a ‘Hedonistic Existence’.

6.3% ABV


American Psycho

West Coast IPA

Considering this is the style of beer that predominantly got us into brewing in the first place, we thought is would be a good idea to put our version into cans for the first time. Columbus, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe hops balanced with a strong malt backbone and solid bitterness will be sure to keep the Paul Allen's of the world at bay while you sit at your decent table at Espace and the relief washes over you in an awesome wave.

6.6% ABV


Italian Job

Tiramisu Milkshake Stout

With more velvety dark malts, lactose and tiramisu flavouring crammed into it than a scrap yard of Mini Coopers, this super decadent milkshake stout will be sure to blow your bloody doors off and make sure you come back for another helping.

6% ABV


Fluorescent Adolescent

Grapefruit IPA

Reminisce of fruity times gone by and get stuck into this super juicy beverage that's made with Citra and Chinook hops and more grapefruit than you can shake a market fruit stall at. You'll be acting like that fruity adolescent that you once were in no time at all.

6.2% ABV


Synaptic Transmission

Citra & Vic Secret NEIPA

We've dumped in a whopping 16 grams of Citra and Vic Secret hops per litre of beverage for a super juicy New England IPA. Low bitterness combined with great flavour and tropical fruit aroma will ensure that your neurons are firing on all cylinders.

6% ABV


Celestial Projection

Lactose Hop Bomb IPA

Are you ready to blast yourself into the cosmos? You best be, because 20 grams of Amarillo, Ekuanot and Galaxy hops per litre of beer all backed up with a ton of lactose, will ensure you’re seeing the stars in no time at all.

6.7% ABV


Pouting For Lupulin

Citra and Mosaic DIPA

Lupulin is the yellow gland of the hop flower which contains the acids and essential oils which contribute towards the tasty beverage that we all know and love. This dank and juicy Double IPA contains nearly 21 grams of Citra and Mosaic hops per litre of beverage. With all those essential oils, It'll certainly ensure that you're 'Pouting For Lupulin'.

8% ABV


Flow Rider

Key Lime Cheesecake Sour

Imagine you're sat on a balcony enjoying the Floridian sunset while eating key lime cheesecake and drinking sparkling lime juice. Well you don't need to imagine anymore, this sour beer packs a super sour punch all backed up by a creamy mouthfeel from the lactose that will have you thinking you're drinking alcoholic Sprite.

4.9% ABV


4 Dimensional Manifold

Toasted Coconut, Vanilla & Cacao Nib Imperial Stout

We've pulled out some serious stops for this one; no less than 7 different malts have been blended for a solid dark beverage. Add to that a heap of toasted coconut in the latter stages of the boil, vanilla and Madagascan cacao nibs post fermentation and you have one absolute killer of an imperial stout.

9.5% ABV



Hoppy 4th Birthday Pale

To celebrate Wilde Child's 4th Birthday we're proud to bring you a 'New England IPA meets a West Coast IPA' - Something we like to call a Mid-West IPA. Azacca and Cascade hops during the boil combined with Topaz and Amarillo hops during the dry hopping stages equal one 'juicy banger' of a beverage that's backed up by a balanced bitterness. Here's to another 4 year's of supplying you wonderful people.

5% ABV


Dispassionate Hustle

Passion Fruit IPA

Like a true player hustling his way through life without giving a thought or care to anybody who stands in his way, this beer does not take prisoners on flavour. El Dorado hops take centre stage this time for an amped stone fruit vibe and 17% of the grain bill is made from oats for a super creamy mouthfeel. All that combined with real passion fruit concentrate will have you thinking you're a hustler and a player, because surely nowadays it pays to be.

5% ABV


California Love

American Pale Ale

4.2% ABV

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